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Vision Statement

The Arthur Public Library District will remain a vital contributor to the cultural and educational success of the District, serving the community with a wide array of materials, educational and cultural experiences.

Mission Statement

The Arthur Public Library District will offer a professionally selected and well-organized collection of books and other materials. The collection shall meet the educational, recreational, informational, and cultural needs of the Arthur community. Special emphasis will be placed on popular titles; books and special programs, which stimulate young children's interest; and opportunities for life long learning for all residents of the district. Access to the collection will be assured through a well-trained and courteous staff and adequate facility.

The library shall endeavor to cooperate with all relevant local, state and federal agencies and shall keep abreast of changing library technology and practice.

All of the above will be done in a fiscally responsible manner.

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Circulation Policies

Our library cards are free to anyone living in our district, which encompasses the area of the original Arthur School District. Anyone living in an area not being served by a Public Library may purchase a card for $95.00 per year.

Books, Magazines and Audio Books borrowed from our library are checked out for 3 weeks and may be renewed twice. 

DVD's checked out from our collection are checked out for 3 weeks with no renewal. 

Rules of Inter-Library Loan Materials

When you are notified that you have materials to be picked up, you have 1 week to pick that item up. Circulation times, rules, and charges follow the rules of the lending library. These are system-wide policies which we as a member of the system are required to follow.

Meeting Room Reservations

  • Read all Meeting Room Policies Before Reserving


Meeting Room Policies

After Hours Meeting Room Form

Meeting Room Request Form

The Arthur Public Library has a meeting room and reading lounge that may be used for library functions, meetings, and programs. These rooms may also be made available for use by members of the public. Organizations not affiliated with the library may use the meeting room when the conditions listed in the policies are met. Rooms must be scheduled by an adult at least 24 hours before the event; if a meeting requires assistance from library staff, the meeting must be scheduled two weeks in advance. 


Meetings may extend after closing if the group has a signed waiver. They will not have access to the library after hours. A fee of $10.00 per day will be charged for the use of meeting room unless individual, business or organization falls under the exemptions listed in the policies.

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